Parents new students

We welcome international students between the ages of 11 and 15, one of whose parents has an international background and intends to temporarily reside in the Netherlands.

Currently, there is no waiting list, and you can enroll your child by emailing

Proficiency in the English language should meet at least level A2 according to ERK criteria.

The Sondervick International School utilizes the IB curriculum. During the first four years of school, students engage with the Middle Years program (IB MYP) by utilizing the educational concept called the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC). This educational concept seamlessly aligns with the concepts of other schools such as the Salto International Schools I-St@rt and RISE.

Approximately 60% of the classes will be taught in English, while the remaining classes will be in Dutch. A subject that is taught in English will automatically have assignments and exams in English as well. A subject taught in Dutch will have assignments and exams in Dutch.

After a student has been enrolled at the Sondervick International School, a screening will follow. This screening assesses whether the Dutch language proficiency is sufficient for the student to start at the Sondervick International School. Additionally, the cognitive level of your child is assessed through non-verbal cognitive tests. Based on the results of the complete screening, a decision will be provided within five weeks after the screening on whether your child can be placed at the Sondervick International School.

There is a bus stop approximately 15 minutes walking distance from Sondervick College. The school, Veldhoven municipality, and the bus company are in discussions to explore possibilities for improving the connection between Eindhoven and Sondervick College.

At the Sondervick International School all final IB exams will be in English.

In a Sondervick International School class children with a vmbo, havo, and vwo advice will be combined in one class. We can achieve personalised education through Sondervick College’s employment of experienced duo language educators. Furthermore, the teachers are accustomed to instructing across multiple cognitive levels within a single class due to the two-year foundation phase in regular and TTO education.

The Sondervick International School emerged from the desire to provide all children with an appropriate learning environment to facilitate their integration into Dutch society while simultaneously nurturing their cognitive abilities. As Sondervick College also enrolls regular (Dutch-speaking) students, informal integration into Dutch society is encouraged. Additionally, explicit consideration is given to the students’ international backgrounds to ensure they feel at home within the school.

The Dutch primary school recommendation applies to the placement of a student. However, if the screening reveals that a child has a proficiency level lower than A1 in the Dutch language, that child cannot be placed at the Sondervick International School.

Within the Sondervick International School, extracurricular activities will be offered at the end of the school day. These could include participating in additional sports activities, engaging in creative endeavors in the studio, and learning programming with the FIRST Lego League team. Naturally, student-led initiatives are also encouraged, and efforts will be made to explore the possibilities of bringing these initiatives to life.

Yes, we use laptops at Sondervick International School. Read more