From 50/50 to
100% English

Enrich yourself in two languages

At Sondervick International School, you will follow the 50/50 curriculum. This means that half of your lessons will be in English and the other half in Dutch. Our ambition is to seamlessly integrate you into the Netherlands as a student. This way, you will not only learn about Dutch culture and language, but it also helps you make faster connections with others, for example, at the hockey club.

Discover how our 50/50 curriculum provides the best learning experience:

  • Cultural integration between international and Dutch students
  • Benefit from both international and Dutch teaching methods
  • Lay a strong foundation for successful progression to (inter)national further education


Master the Dutch language and get to know the culture

At our school, you will learn the Dutch language (NT2) and culture. While we cannot admit students without basic knowledge of the Dutch language, we provide support based on individual needs. Discover how you can master the Dutch language and integrate yourself into Dutch culture!